Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to Classes

After my great weekend it is finally back to class on Monday morning. I woke up a bit early and managed to teleport home to have breakfast with my family. At the time of my arrival my father had just returned with hot bagels straight from New York and my mom was preparing the other items he had teleported to in order to retrieve. I enjoyed the breakfast, but when my parents began to ask me about my credit card bill I could not have teleported out of there fast enough. I got back to USC just in time and entered my first class.     After class I ran into some friends by Tommy Trojan who were just on there way over to Spain for tapas before their 2:00pm lab. I had no more class so I decided to go with them and luckily didn't run into any delays at the Spanish Teleportation Customs Center. Shortly after lunch, my friends had to rush back to USC for their lab and I was able to stay in Spain and travel to Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga before returning to USC for dinner and time at the library.

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  1. Three short essays about teleporting to Europe and not a single reference to time zone differences? Anywhere in the US would translate to a significant TZ difference (6-9 hours of difference) which would add texture to the story, i.e. USC lunch-time=Spain's late supper time, or time for night-clubs to be just getting started. Missed opportunity.